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The whole herd would be jumping and spooking all over the place and when we see them on documentaries, the herd generally appears calm with a constant assessment of threat happening.

If a true predator arrives on the scene the nearer individuals assess the risk level; are the lions hunting or just going for a walk?

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The class of sedative drugs includes sleep aids like Lunesta, Ambien and Sonata and barbiturates like Seconal and Amytal.

They all cause drowsiness and sleepiness and are used to reduce anxiety.

To be honest if a pheasant flies up from under our horse most of us would understand a spook!

There is a whole category of horse supplements (and now many feeds) that claim to help to keep your horse calm.

So there is clearly a demand from riders to improve the behaviour of their horses but how should we go about that process?

They may take action to protect their young, but dashing off in a blind panic isn’t what you see.

Appropriate behaviour is defined by the horse’s ability to respond appropriately to something it doesn’t immediately understand, but very quickly assess the risk (which is normally nil) and recover its composure quickly. A test developed in Australia measured the speed at which a horse flees from a scare, for just the first two metres (about half a second).

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