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A milf is supposed to be a mom but really it means any woman older than 30. For those who don't know it stands for Mom I'd Like to Fuck.Record videos or photos of yourself swapping faces with a celebrity, friend or any fun picture from the internet or your phone.Unlike other apps that only can use static photos, this app switches faces live right from your camera’s video feed.Good app though if you have a i Phone, it was a time waster and good fun for babies to play with.Add some special effects like making your own face, drawing one out, or custom faces, choosing to be a crowned tiger wearing glasses drinking lemonade, just for us to be more creative instead of the usual funny faces that gets old in a day. Thought this app would work on existing photos, so I denied it access to my camera and microphone.A team of researchers at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Max Planck Institute for Informatics, and Stanford University are working on a project called Face2Face, which is described as “real-time face capture and reenactment of RGB videos.” Basically, they’re working on technology that lets you take over the face of anyone in a video clip.

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Be amazed putting your moving mouth onto a pic of your favorite pet. New in version 2.0: - Face Goo Studio - interactive face warping!Just a few hundred thousand pictures and thousands of hours of hotwife video ahead -- time to enter this hotwife right now.Members Login I'm so happy when hotwife lovers stop by to visit. I'm excited when I meet someone new but I'm also a little nervous.. I'm excited because I absolutely love men -- meeting men turns me on, I get nervous because of possible rejection -- hotwife lovers may think I don't have what they're looking for before I get a chance to prove myself the slut wife they want and need. We may have something very special develop in a relationship with this swinger .To test the system, the researchers invited subjects to puppeteer the faces of famous people (e.g. Bush, Vladimir Putin, and Arnold Schwarzenegger) in video clips found on You Tube.Video Recorder is our online app for recording video and taking pictures right in your browser.

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