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Sky Team’s Beijing lounge has opened its doors to passengers flying from Terminal 2 at Beijing International Capital Airport.It’s our second in Greater China and sixth worldwide and, like all our lounges, makes your time between flights worth waiting for.We’ve teamed up with five of our top frequent travelers to bring you Sky Team Stories.This series of 10 short films captures the lives and travels of these high-flying individuals who represent the diversity of our alliance and its customers.Therefore, if you don’t want to miss out on your Mr.

In fact, there were probably many times when you went out, spoke cleverly to someone, only to see them walk away or never hear from them again.

The giveaway forms part of a new campaign: Sky Team Stories.

This web series of ten short films follows five celebrity frequent flyers as they traverse the world, sharing their travel know-how and insights that have become second nature.

While this may seem a “peculiar” way to live, it is the wonderful, purposeful life He planned for us.

Visit Missions Emphasis Web page What does it mean to be “Alliance? And how do these beliefs define our identity and drive our activity?

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