G na and eunhyuk dating

Es por eso que hemos revivido esta historia, con el fin de que esos fans ya no se sientan perdidos cuando alguien mencione el tema."Solía tener una novia.

Y descubrí que ella se estaba viendo con otra celebridad masculina antes que saliera conmigo.

The money he’s spending for his marriage is from his fans.

Yesung is in an uncomfortable position right now, they’re about to promote another song, and they should be aiming to get a daesang. Before giving my comment about it, let me tell you what’s written in it…

But going out on a limb to say that she's an attention-seeking whore? IU is successful as it is and she slays the charts whenever she has a comeback. ; Wait, people are saying and she HERSELF is saying that IU should really apologize for whatever she's done. For uploading an unglamorous photo of herself and EH?

For revealing that they are dating through the photo?

Yes, IU was the one who posted the picture and she claims it was a mistake although that part is a bit convoluted but there is the possibility of uploading it by accident.Whew, that is a whole lotta idol dating news to absorb and report on.Hope Khuntoria hearts aren’t broken up everywhere, and good luck to Hyoyeon on weathering a relationship reveal in the worst possible way following said boyfriend acting like a total douchebag.Entonces tanto los internautas coreanos como internacionales se mostraban poco sorprendidos si la supuesta amante era esa chica, ya que recordaron cierto incidente en el que ella estuvo en una relación amorosa con 2 populares celebridades a la vez, Eunhyuk de Super Junior y Heo Young Saeng de SS501.Esta historia es conocida por los fans más antiguos del kpop y sobretodo de SS501 y/o Super Junior, pero para los que entraron luego del 2010 (o andaban algo perdidos antes de) este es un incidente que no conocen.

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